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At Thomas Learning Center, we truly believe that with the right foundation, anything is possible.  It is our philosophy  that "play is the serious business of childhood".  In order to stimulate every child's intellectual, physical and emotional development, we see our role as that of facilitators.  Through careful curriculum planning, it is our privilege and responsibility to allow children to discover and interpret their world.

We provide a variety of learning resources that allow children the opportunity to experience hands on learning.  Each one of our classrooms are broken up into different learning centers which allow children to work both in small groups and independently to make their own choices.  

What makes us  unique is that we have created an environment that is both family and child centered.  We cater to the children and recognize that each child has their individual learning style and they learn at their own pace.  We bring the right people together to deliver the very best for the parents we serve. Our people are warm, loving, and professional and together we create an environment where children flourish.  We recognize that it is important to include the parents in the learning process.  Parents tell us it feels like home.  Everything we do, from our professional staff, to our schools National Accreditation and or/ QualiStar ratings, to our clean, safe environment assures parents that their child will be safe, happy, and learning.

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