Welcome to Thomas Learning Centers  New Infant Center Opening @Westminster, Jan. 2019

We intend to provide the highest quality, affordable early childhood educational experience available. We look after your child with the same warm concern you would. Our program is play based. Our goal is learning by experimentation and fun. Our lesson plans are child-directed, and learning is differentiated based on your child's current skills and interests.

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Developmental Milestones

Every child develops at their own rate so your baby might not do things at the same time your neighbor's baby did them.  He might not even do things at the same time as his big brother did!  But, there are check points with  age ranges that can help you know how each child is progressing as she grows and gets ready for school.  The  CDC has created a great list of what to expect of your child's  early years by age.  Just click the icon below to receive your copy today.