It is our intent to provide the highest quality, affordable early childhood educational childcare available. Our people are     standing in your place  while you are on your job, so quality care, the kind you would give is a very serious obligation   for us. We look after your child with the same  warm concern that you would.

    Providing food and enough rest are part of this quality care. We prepare breakfast, a well-balanced lunch and a nutritious afternoon snack each day. Planning the day so children don’t get overtired is a part of it. Comforting children when something goes wrong, just as you would do, is a steady concern.

    While you are busy at your job, the children are busy with their friends. The children talk a lot as they play together. They look at books and pictures and exhibits in the rooms. They hear stories. They work on puzzles. They take trips. They paint. They work with clay and blocks. They pretend and make believe. Our program is play-based with the goal of your child learning through experience and fun. We don't want them to know they are in school!

    Having your child at Thomas Learning Centers means that your child has two sets of caring people, both of whom want the days to go well. We hope you will try us. We know you will be pleased.





We offer...monthly newsletters • field trips parents’ night out •parenting education • medical screenings • continuous 

staff training• special guests first-aid certified staff • Highly qualified teachers • holiday programs...and more!


Pre-School Program  Full-Day & Half-Day  Ages 2-1/2 up to 5

Your child will be encouraged by achieving age-appropriate Educational  goals through an atmosphere of fun and creativity.

You will be up-to-date on your child’s activities by referring to the posted lesson plans, daily schedule and the “What We Did Today” sheet.

Your child will get to know teachers from all age groups. This is key to providing consistent, stable relationships between adults and children.

Our Centers have a small teacher to child ratio to ensure individual attention and encouragement for your child.  We teach language with Zoophonics® and math skills with Every Day Math®.  Your child will also enjoy musical instruments, art materials, books and posters, blocks, dramatic play items, large muscle equipment, science materials and more to experience and enjoy during  playful periods each day.

Infant Program--

6 weeks to 12 months

Your infant will be in a secure, comforting environment. Our nurturing, caring, well-trained staff will handle every step of your child’s schedule including feeding schedules and sleep times. All meals are customized to your child’s schedule and nutritional requirements.

Our caregivers especially enjoy holding the babies!



Developmental Toddler

Program 12 months &

walking up to 3 & potty-


 Your toddler will have a special opportunity to explore and learn with us. Our teachers listen carefully and offer individualized attention,comfort and encouragement to develop a trusting bond.

We emphasize positive toilet training experiences, age appropriate toys and activities along with nutritional, well-balanced meals and snacks appropriate for toddlers.

School Age--

Before & After School

Program Ages 6-12

 Our teachers put together craft demonstrations, computer classes, games, cooking classes and sports for the kids. They help the children with homework, bring in guest speakers and take the children on fun-filled field trips. Our staff will encourage your child in learning to solve problems, accept responsibility, evaluate choices, and make decisions.

Thomas Learning Centers offer field trips for children aged 5 years and older to enhance learning and to provide the children an opportunity to interact with the world around them. The kids may visit a museum or go to the park. They also enjoy bowling androller skating, and more.